Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Military Rememberance

While it breaks my heart to miss this challenge I will have to be on


I would like to comment on my love and gratitude to all members of the American and our Allie military because of health issues I will be unable to complete this "fortnight" challenge.
You are brave, just and courageous in my families eyes and we thank you so much for giving your service.
I have a father that was in WWII Navy and a stepfather in WWII Air Force, a husband and brother-in-law (husband's twin) that served in the Army and brother in the Air Force all in VietNam and friends and other loved ones in the Marines and various wars.  Each of you deserve all the wholehearted gratitude for giving part or all of your life to preserve the freedom given our countries.

Lee Greenwood sang it best
"God Bless the USA"
Sending prayers for military and military families.
Recommended viewing in honor and glory:

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